Amazons' Pride Women's Blitz tournament

Amazons' Pride Women's Blitz tournament


In a time where Women are competing more than ever, they need an online Tournament of their caliber... I’m very happy to announce my first ever online Blitz tournament open to all female players: “Amazons’ Pride”, with the total prize fund of $4650!

The tournament takes place October 23 at 17:00 CET/ 11 am EST/ 8:30 pm IST and will feature both highly elite chess players competing together with your favorite chess steamers. The format of the event will be of two stages: 9 rounds of Swiss followed by a Knockout for the 8 best players.

Prize list:

Winner of KO = $1,000 - GM Kateryna Lagno
Runner-up KO = $500 - IM Gulnar Mammadova

Swiss Tournament:
1. $500 - GM Elina Danielian
2. $400 - WGM Daria Voit
3. $300 - WIM Savitha Shri B

Best streamers:
1. $600 - IM Alina Bivol
2. $450 - WGM Maria Gevorgyan
3. $300 - WGM Qiyu Zhou "akaNemsko"

Streamers U2000 = $200 Daria Khokhlova

Streamers U1600 = $200 - ?
Streamers U1200 = $200 Katrina McDonald "VelcroDot"

Special Brilliancy prize = $200 - ?

Final results of the Swiss:  and

To proceed with the registration players need first to fill in the entry form (!) and then to join the club All the additional information can be found in the regulations:

Once having proceeded with the Step 1 (docs form) and Step 2 (joining the club), you will be able to join the tournament 1 hour before the start of the event:  Don't forget to join the Zoom call - obligatory for all the participants - you will get the link on your email before the start of the event!
Note that prizes are NOT official until we've reviewed things for anti-cheating, which will take a few days.

Make sure to save the day and tune in to the official coverage of the event by GM Alexandra “Chessqueen” Kosteniuk and WGM Dina Belenkaya at

Special thanks to my Twitch community for contributing to the prize fund.