Brutal Blunderparty! I think the game was good, but caps score was poor, 45.

Apr 4, 2017, 3:15 AM |
In this game I got the flow. It was a 5min 5sek blitz. Three times I blundered, but it didn't matter, because I kept brutal pressure. Once I took a pawn in stead of the bishop. Didn't matter, he never got use of it, and I ate it on the journey to checkmate. Sometimes it doesn't matter in which order you eat the pieces, what matters is eating greedy and fast, and eat with tempo. Maintain the pressure while eating. A pawn with pressure is much more tasty than a bishop when loosing initiative. I wonder if the game was more or less won in move 9. He spent to many moves pushing pawns, and i got a decisive  lead in development. Thats the reason I could eat with that huge pressure. Pushing, and pushing, moving and eating on the fly.
The computer didn't like that i moved my king to h1, making it harder too check. I have lost so many games because my king has been open to check after moving up f-pawn, so I was over-safe. Because of the lead in development I wasn't punished. Maybe Kh1 is a bad and time-consuming  idea when I have a relatively safe pawn on d4, and some control of the g1-a7diagonal?