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Nordstrand, Klubbmesterskapet, runde 10

Mar 23, 2017, 3:01 PM 1

This game went fine. Computer didnt like that I missed some ideas, but those ideas were a bit complicated. Could have made mate too, but didnt calculate it, and went for a safe win in stead. It was even up to move 25, but then Morten attacked, not being aware that his king were open to a check, so I won. A difference in our play was that I did move my king twice, to get him away from future problems. Maybe those moves was dangerously slow (10Kh1 and 23 Kg1), spending time to defend against trouble before it never came. 10 Kh1 was played before opening center to avoid the darksquare bishop pinning my horse, and 23 Kg1 was running away from the diagonal his lightsquare bishop was in.  I saw that Morten was planning to attak f4, and i only waited for it. Waiting for the chance to put my bishop on f4 and give check. The next sequense, I didnt see before I made that check,but when I saw it, I saw I probably would win a bishop because he had to watch out for backrank mate. I am not sure about my king moves 10Kh1 and 23 Kg1. Maybe I was to lazy, and could avoided such slow security moves if I had calculated more. I had only spent 10minutes by move ten, and 21minutes+increments at move 23. this 90min 30sec game was won with 46 minutes left on the clock.


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