USCF Tue Night Febuary Tourney (Chess Emporium)

Jun 27, 2013, 1:53 PM |
Second tournament, this was my first of many of the Tue Night 4 round tournaments that take place at the Chess Emporium office in Phx, 4x Tue's a month. The games are set with longer time control's; 1st is 2hr in 40 moves; if moves made in time, than 2d is 1 hour sudden death; so upto 6 hours total for a game, we only play one rated game each Tue. As some months have 5 Tue's, once in awhile, that last Tue of month is a week off, when it comes. So, as I'm posting blogs on site of each Tournament, to include all games of that tournament in one blog, some of you will notice the dates will not match up right, as other tournaments might take place in between the Tue Night's. I may also skip some Tue nights, as I can't always make it, taking a bye round, but I will advise when such occurances occur. Without further delay...
Round 1-2, Bye.
Round 3;
So I lost in a pretty harsch manner, especially looking back, seeing how the slightest mistakes; not developing, Q too early, not calculating, all had more of an impact in my game, than I thought. As I mentioned, these Tue Tourney's are broken up in four weeks, so Round 4 took place a week later, after my next tourney took place, listed in next blog. 
Next round was vs another Coach newly hired with company. Evangelina H, and I stuck with my usual Q's Gambit. 
Round 4;
There was a slight issue before this game. She challenged touch move, when I touched the e4 pawn. If I remember correctly, I was adjusting it cause it was out of place. I asked "seriously? Is it gonna be a problem? I always open with Qs pawn" she replied, "only if you win," and laughed. So I thought she was joking, and continued with my Qs G opening. She never said anything else til end of game, when I won. She complained to TD, in which I explained I asked if she was serious, and made a joke about it. I reminded the TD if she had an issue, she should of gotten TD on first move, and I would of had to go with original touch. She even has upto eight turns to bring her discrepancy to TD, to reset to the discrepancy, otherwise game continues as it's been accepted. Seeing as she waited til end, it is what it is. If she clarified she was serious in the beginning, I would of obliged. Her joke if I won or not told me she wasn't. Now, I'm only saying something about it, as she can easily see this game as anyone else can... she might call me out. So now it's out.
So with two .5 pt Byes and 1 win, this tournament, I have 2 pts out of 4. However, as I mentioned, this round was after another tournament that took place after last round, in 10 games, I am now 4-6. Rough start, a lot to learn, that's for sure! Enjoy!