Fantastic Draw

Jun 25, 2010, 4:37 PM |

Ok first time doing more in depth analysis.  In this game I was black and was sporting a 1300ish rating and my opponent had a 1500ish rating.    The opening went along fine until the 9th move.  White played and interesting move where he took my exchanged his knight for my pawn.  I wasn't sure if he just didn't see my knight or if he sacrificed it so he could cut a hole in my castle side pawn defense?  I really helped him by lining my rook up diagonal from my queen on the next move.  This allowed for him to line his bishop up pinning my rook to my queen.  After the exchange I had a knight and a bishop he had a rook and a pawn.  We were tied up in point total but I had two big pieces.  Positionally I believe he was better and we will see that is the case later.  

     We did a queen exchange on move 17 which doesn't bother me as i like to see what the opponent can do or how they handle not having a queen.  Now by move 23 white has two pawns and a rook in my zone.  One pawn is dangerously close to promotion.  I get rattled and offer up my knight free and clear on move 24.  Four moves later I am in a scary position and opt to box his rook in with my bishop so he can't move and plan to move my king over to execute.  As I move my king over his pawn is one square away from promotion.  Move 31 consisted of me taking his rook with my rook, he then took me diagonally with his pawn, and promoted to a queen which I then took with my king.  I managed to come out of it ok and was facing a rook and a bishop and six pawns against a bishop and a knight and four pawns.   His next move took out another pawn.  

The action now swings back over to the other side of the board and on move 36 he moves his rook to the D6 square.  He is threatening to drop up to the D7 square and move my bishop out of the way so he can move his pawn down.  I block his descent with my knight.  He gives up on that strategy and moves his Rook back to A5.  I think that he must be going to the 8th rank so he can move along the file and chase away my pieces freeing up his pawn again.  I counter with King to B7.  It isn't until move 44 where my opponent (in my opinion) makes his mistake and costs himself the win.  He moves his rook over and on move 45 takes my harmless pawn.  I believe he should've kept his rook near my other pawn since he had three pawns and a bishop on my weak pawn side.  Once he took my pawn his rook was trapped and unable to go after my promoting pawn.  Then on move 48 my opponent does another strange move.  He trades his bishop for my knight.  His bishop was the only piece he had that could attack the white square and prevent my pawns advancement.  By this point I am counting pawn moves.  Visons of the last game in "Searching for Bobby Fischer" dance in my head.  I believe my opponent hadn't seen it or he would have moved differently.  It wasn't til we were both one square away from promotion that he decided to put me in check with his rook. I think he was hoping I would get greedy and take out his pawn on E6.  This would've put me in check when he promoted and he would've prevented my promotion shortly after that.  Instead I move my king to a safe square where his rook can't sneak behind my pawn and then we both promote.  I put him in check for a bit hoping he makes a mistake and wipe out a pawn in the process.  On move 56 I pause.  I have two checks I can do I can check with bishop and hope he either takes bishop or moves to a far square where my queen can take his or he can safely move to the one square next to his queen where I would then have to keep moving.  I opt for the second check where I put my queen on D1.  This puts him in check, he blocks with queen and I can take out his rook giving me the piece advantage.  My opponent for some reason says "now he will show me no mercy"  Like I really believed he was showing me no mercy before.  I guess his version of no mercy is to put me in check and hope I line my king up with my queen and then trade queens.  It was a tough challenge and I was glad I was able to come from a losing position to a draw.  Let me know what you think.  Thanks.