THE SUPREME CHESS MASTERS - From Them We've learned

THE SUPREME CHESS MASTERS - From Them We've learned

Jul 31, 2014, 8:33 AM |

The purpose of this blog is that through  the  games of old chess masters, gain insight into a classic chess openings and thereby to have a better understanding for moderns and hyper-moderns chess openings. So, in the romantic manner, let We just imagine that we are living at the beginning of a 20th century and let We learn together! Smile

Game One

King's Gambit; Declined; Classical.

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Who is Savielly Tartakower ? (click on it)

Who is Amos Burn ? (click on it)





Known as "A night at Opera".

Philidor defense

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Who is Paul Morphy ?

Who is Duke Karl Von Braunschweig / Count Isouard ?


Game No.2

 -Falkbeer Gambit-


Paul Saladin Leonhardt

Frank James Marshall


Position after move 19.