The Magic Of A Child

The Magic Of A Child

Mar 25, 2008, 9:55 AM |

When we get to feeling jaded

by the problems that we face,

and the world that we inhabit

seems a less than perfect place,

there is a refuge waiting,

we can find most anywhere,

an antidote for sorrow,

like a breath of rain-washed air.

This tiny little miracle

is absolutely free,

and finding it can change us

from the way we used to be.

At just a moment's notice,

it can rearrange our world,

for there is no greater treasure

than a little boy or girl.

There's an innocence about them,

which is part of who they are,

and their joyousness of spirit

shines as brightly as a star.

For while they're learning from us,

that teach us all the while,

and we get a glimpse of Heaven...

in the magic of a child