Chess Books of the 20th Century

Chess Books of the 20th Century

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Chessplayers, to varying degrees, live by chess books!

Those who “go their own way” and do not seek the advice and accumulated wisdom of other chessplayers, expressed in books, miss the genuine benefits of studying chess by absorbing what others have to say. Only if one wanted to play chess for ‘sheer enjoyment’—without regard to outcomes or deeper understandings—would one want not to avail oneself of the treasures chess books present.

A splendid resource for finding one’s way through chess books is Alex Dunne’s, Great Chess Books of the Twentieth Century in English (Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, 2005) [].

Dunne’s collection of assessments of important chess books in the 20th century is a splendid guide to chess literature from 1901-2000. The wide variety of chess literature that appeared in this period is on display here. To read through this 200-page book is to be enriched by accessing a sense of what has made a book great; and its value—in many ways—for one’s own chessplaying. This excellent resource belongs in the library of today’s chessplayers!

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The Crossword here simply names chess book titles and asks for their authors. The dates provided are of the first editions of the books. The information is drawn from Dunne.

I hope you will enjoy thinking of chess books you have read and will, perhaps, be stimulated to checking out new books to help along your chessplaying way…!


Maybe some of these books are "old friends" to you. Perhaps some of these books will lead you to make them "new friends" for your chessplaying!

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