Death by frustration. Crowborough Rapid Play Rd 3

Nov 8, 2012, 12:11 PM |

When I was learning chess my favourite player was Bobby Fischer.  And my memory is that he played open positions with lots of piece play.  There were always showers of tactics and Bobby would find the killer play to gain a decisive advantage.  I loved these games.

Unfortunately, some players have a different strategy.  Positional chess - gain an advantage and strangle you to death.  I felt I was being strangled in this game and could never get to a position where tactics would trump the strategy.

I was angry at losing this game and left the tournament hall quickly.  My wife was surprised at seeing me in such a temper.

Our two boys Tom and Matt were also playing in the event.  They had also lost in this round.  Tom was on 2/3 in the U-12 and Matt was on 1/3 in the U-10. 

After a group hug  - I calmed down.  But it has taken me almost 2 months to have the strength to analyse this game.

The good thing...well 10 minutes to compose myself and on to round 4.