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Dan Heisman's Videos

May 12, 2014, 10:00 PM 4

Dan Heisman has some great videos on ICC available to paying members of ICC. The videos on chess.com seem to have problems in that they are either too simple or too difficult for me, a mere intermediate player. Heisman's videos are great for my level and he says they are aimed at all levels of players. Another advantage of Heisman's videos is that he speaks in plain simple English, no accents, real of phoney.  It just so happens that I have been using  ICC with Dasher and I have found this works much better than chess.com. Chess.com should seriously consider using a client application instead of the applet they now use. There is a problem with some of Heisman's videos. They do not all seem to be working on my setup--Win XP with Chrome browser. But I have just discovered that these videos do  work good with the Maxthon browser. This is a free browser and it contains a free vpn which is why I keep it on my desktop. My question is do any of you readers have a membership in ICC and do you have problems getting all of the Heisman videos on your computer? What os are you using and what browser?

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