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May 10, 2014, 7:47 AM 0

Why spend money on Netflix or Amazon Prime when you can watch movies for free! I have discovered that if you go to YouTube and type in Browse Free Movies you can find quite a collection of movies that you can watch at no charge. Not only that but you can type in a category or movie star name or whatever and you can find full movies relating to whatever it is you have typed in. I typed in Browse full movie chess and have come upon free chess movies. I used to waste my time in video stores and discount stores and spend good money on buying dvd's looking for good movies. I even subscribed to Netflix and Amazon prime at one time. Now I can save my time and money by using YouTube. I have also found a neat free program "Ilivid" which can be used to download the movies and videos you find on YouTube to your hard drive. This increases your convenience and ease of use because when you want to watch a movie you no longer have to look through the YouTube site, just go to your own hd. If your drive is not big enough and you have a smackers burning a hole in your pocket you can get an external hd and set up Ilivid to download into the external hd. Also I recommend viewing your videos with VideoLan. Sometimes the videos on YouTube are not loud enough. With VideoLan you can boost the volume. This is a great convenience for those of us with wax in our ears!     

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