Cris Angel CLAWS --- and a WIN??? WHOA!!!

Sep 22, 2013, 1:12 PM |

Well, this kind of came up spur of the moment, thanks in part to the live servers on having some trouble on Saturday 21 September 2013.   I was resting and got a message from Gunners2004 (Mark)  inquiring about not being able to get onto the live server.  I tried and I couldn't get on either and I said that the site must be having problems.  Mark said, "well, time to get out the 3D board" and I asked did he want to play a "blindfold" game with me.  It's good practice for me to write my moves down (those blasted coordinates!  I STILL get them wrong).   So, I went downstairs, set the board up and we texted the moves and I also wrote the moves on a sheet of paper.

Cris Angel has CLAWS AND TEETH.  Wow!  I focused beautifully for this game!  And it went on for about two hours!  Bear in mind that Gunners2004 was playing "blindfolded" and he said the board was a bit fuzzy.  At the end, he thought my bishop was on a different square than it was and he RESIGNED.....   Had he known where my bishop really was, he surely wouldn't have resigned because he did have a winning combo -- even told me the move he was thinking about doing but then said he didn't think it would work (as he visualized my bishop on a different spot).  I didn't know it was a winning combo -- I might have been able to figure it out but I was told the move (he was going to play Qh4) -- he then said he didn't think it would work so I never bothered to really study the position.  I think it would have taken me a few minutes but I probably would have figured it out.  Maybe I should have done that.  That also would have been a good exercise!!

Nevertheless, even though I should have lost, it is worth noting that this is a player MUCH stronger than me and I gave a battle and was even ahead.  I had only one blunder, not that I'm proud of it, but it took me 23 moves to blunder.  That's a major miracle.   Only thing I'm disappointed about is that I WAS wondering if it was a blunder but decided to try it anyway because I saw a check.   At my level, I can't visualize too many moves ahead and thus didn't realize it.  No matter, I was on a high after this.  I think Mark may have heard the whoop I made all the way in Ireland.    I focused, concentrated on the position, tried to visualize, took my time and all visualizations were done in my head.  That said, I am me and I was panicking towards the end.   I told Mark I was panicking, he wanted to know, "Why?  You're winning!" and I said, "That's why I'm panicking!"  He reminded me to take a nice deep breath and just keep doing what I was doing. 

We had the craic for this game, that's for sure!!  It was a terrific experience.  It was Mark's first blindfold game and my first win against a MUCH stronger player.  Victory!!  It's so sweet!!  I'm STILL on my high!