Cris Angel CLAWS -- until my favorite blunder....


For fun, my Art of War teammate, Strickland420, and I decided to meet up in live and have a little game.   We hadn't played each other in a long time and when we played before, he always beat me quite easily.

Hehe.  I got a wonderful compliment.  Strickland420 said that I had improved a LOT since we last played.  Woo and hoo.

This was played at a time control of 30/30.  I chose this as I was a little tired; however, this proved to bite me in the behind.  As per usual, I got into VERY SERIOUS time trouble.  And at the end, instead of spotting my favorite tactic (which I will explain in a variation), I pulled my favorite blunder. 



The nice thing was that up until that point, I was actually doing pretty well.  Strickland420 said I had him on the ropes for much of this game.   Let's take a look and also peek at some variations.  There were a few times where I was unsure and just picked one move or another.

Stronger players, feel free to correct my thoughts or point out something I missed.  

Here we go......