Swiss 12 - Round 4 -- d4 for round 4 -- Long live the queen?

Mar 1, 2014, 12:57 PM |

Oh my gosh.  Really?  I must confess.  My opponent CLEARLY did his homework.  I did too.  I looked up my opponent's old games and saw he often plays the Ruy as white.  OH BOY.   I saw he actually plays both the exhange variation and the non exchange variation and i practiced both.  All week long, I practiced both.   ALL WEEK LONG.

Did you read that?  ALL WEEK LONG.

And then my smarty pants teammate warned me, "your opponent sometimes opens with the d pawn"

"Oh crap...  I can't do d openings... I hope it's not a d pawn!" and I continued practicing the Ruy.

Come game day.

HE PLAYS THE D PAWN.  AGGHHHHHH!!!!    I am quite sure my opponent looked up my games and saw I virtually NEVER play the D pawn.  VERY SMART.  Outwitted me.  I was NOT prepared for a d pawn opening.  I groaned.  I screamed.  I was in angst....  I don't know what to do in d pawn openings!!!  AGGGHHHHH!!!

Well, you're stuck with it Cris Angel.  Try your best.  

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I worry far too much about openings.   I've been told to just stick to good development principles and I'll be okay.  Time to test that theory.  

Here we go....

Are you ready?  (NO!!!!)

Too bad.