The game as I see it... Annotation of game between Okieman8888 and Rosewood

Okieman888 is a friend whom I have played before and he always KILLS me (hehehe, don't they all?).  Anyway, I thought I'd take a peek at this game to see what was going on. 


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    I dont agree that ratings always are correlated with insight into positions.  There may be a study which calculates the correlation of chess rating with insight, but I dont know of it.  Dont think that if a person has a low rating that they wont be able to determine what a best move may be.  Yes, Go and chess are complicated in their own way.  There was a study done that showed different brain activations with an MRI scanner for both Go and chess.  One of the cardiologists I work with wont play Go either for similar reasons you have said as much as I have tried to convince him, he considers it too abstract.  As for myself I believe the perceptual changes incurred after a game of chess vs. a game of Go are quite different in their effects, perhaps because of the differences in brain structures activated possibly, but definitely because of the character of the game.

    Having a mentor is valuable.  One of the things I also appreciate about chess is the availability of study materials.  I like nothing better than having a printout or chess book and reviewing a game with a board and trying to understand the reasons for each move.  I believe that if I can attach a meaning to each move that hopefully my subconscious will slowly understand more and enable me to make more good decisions in chess, and in life.

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    Well, thank you. I go over these with a mentor who is a lot stronger than I am. This is why you see so many elementary notes -- I have to try things in order to see -- and then you see a line and wonder how I as a lower rated player would ever see such a thing. It's because I go over them with a stronger player. I'm afraid I don't have any interest in "Go" at this point. I can only handle learning one complicated game at a time for now. ;).

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    Your blogs are informative.  You should take note as a medical professional, that you are very intelligent.  What may be lacking at this stage is the pattern recognition from playing and studying.  Find some players that you respect and read their games.  PGN file format helps.  I respect Anna Sharevich and Svetlana Matveeva.  Their playing is strategic and very interesting.  This studying of games of high rated players will correctly train your subconscious for pattern recognition.  I also encourage you again to study Wei-Chi problems if you have interest.  This game is highly positional and helps recognize positions.  Training with chess due to its yang or movement nature will help deal with tactics.  Keep attaching meaning to each move you make and your increase in understanding will be rapid.  

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    allways love your annotations dr chris, you allways spend so much of your time and have great humor., and after your video teaching others how to do annotations I now also know how to do it! thankyou! anyway I believe that opening is called the Albin countergambit, it is one i like to play against slightly lesser oponents and it is good fun but against strong opponents it is probably not a good choice for black anyway all the best Romani

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