The Saturday Night brawls!!

Jul 13, 2013, 8:05 PM |

More fun Saturday night matches between the husband and I.  I guess I'm getting a little more used to these stupid three dimensional pieces although I still find it easier to spot things on a 2D board.  At one point, my queen was in the line of fire but neither of us noticed it.  Cripes!  

Recall, husband is in his 50s and only recently started playing again after not playing since high school so he is super rusty.   We all know my level -- basically started learning at age 45.  So don't expect brilliance.    It will be interesting when I do this and see it on a 2D board now -- I'll bet I see things I missed while playing!

As usual, two games, one as white, one as black.  As usual, I struggled a heck of a lot more as black.  

Now my game where I play black.  I did a lot more sweating here.  He had finally hung up and could concentrate.