Tuesday night brawl OTB with Yvan

Jul 2, 2013, 6:58 PM |

I STILL struggle when it's over the board.   Husband does weird openings that throw me a little.  I was NOT proud of the fact that I had a bishop that never moved once in this game but I never felt like I could bring him out safely.

Speaking of safety -- I was blind in a few areas and didn't see some undefended pieces and that bit me in the rear end.   And I thought I was going to have a repeat of my Monday night chat disaster...uh.. I mean game...    I really struggle OTB.  I am not used to these three dimensional pieces, believe it or not... .and sometimes I get the king and queen mixed up.  Well, they look alike!  Cripes, remind me to tell of the time I castled with my QUEEN.   (((blush)))

Well, anyway.  I decided to go ahead and run this through Houdini.  I use Houdini version 2.0 in combination with Fritz.  I'm not sure what generates the comments, but that thing can come out with some snappy insults when you mess up or blunder.   I like to personify things so I say, "Houdini yelled at me".

Well..... if Houdini really was a person that  yelled when mistakes were made, Houdini would have a sore throat for cripe's sake.  There were a multitude of errors in here, thankfully more from Yvan than from me.  But talk about breaking the rules.

1.   No hanky panky before being fully developed.   Yvan broke that one early on.  He started hanky panky right away.  And I was forced to deal with it.

2.   Don't move a piece once before you move a piece twice unless you see a tactic.  Good gracious.  WE both were guilty of this one. 

3.   You know how you're supposed to use ALL of your pieces?  I didn't!  Shame, shame, shame on me.   Actually, I kept WANTING to bring out my bishop but for goodness sake, Yvan kept doing things that I felt needed to be addressed pronto and I never DID get around to bringing it out.  Towards the end, I FINALLY moved the pawn so I could bring out the bishop to join in the attack (get ALL your pieces involved in the attack) but Yvan blundered (and Houdini yelled) so I never wound up needing it.  

So let's go.  This is a game strictly for your laughs.   Feel free to laugh but please don't insult us.  Houdini did that enough.   Yvan really hasn't played too much since high school (and he's in his 50s) and I'm not used to over the board playing.  So be kind, please.