Justin's Game's of the Week #1

Nov 8, 2017, 4:30 AM |
I will be posting some of my favourite games of the week, by no means are they perfect, but I have recently been enjoying my chess. 
Week 1 - I have been improving my tactics, by completing 20-30 minutes a day. Usually over Chess.com tactics or Chess Tempo. 
- I have played tons of blitz/ bullet games to ingrain my opening theory for white/ black and seeing a better track record then playing my old sicilians.
I have almost broken 1500 across all my live accounts, which was my goal for November, 1600 would be fantastic seeing I have exams coming up. 
Blitz game (3:3)
Bullent (1:1) >>> Defeated a 1900 Russian 
As always, looking to improve from stronger players. I would love some tips on how to break the 1700 barrier.
Kind regards