Pelikan Blitz Battle

Sep 11, 2012, 7:17 PM |

I just played this game against brodie62 (5 0 u) - I don't like to play non-increment games, but I sometimes still do. I've been playing the French almost exclusively but decided on a whim to play the Sicilian Pelikan and see where it went. The Pelikan is often a very good choice against players innocent of opening theory, because they may overlook the only move to make an attempt at advantage, 5. Nb5!

Anyway, I somehow rattled off what turned out to be 32 very reasonable moves in a row, leaving me with under 20 seconds to my opponent's 60 seconds or thereabouts. That's when I entered a sequence which I thought at first I must be losing and was about to resign - until I suddenly realized that after White's 34. Qxe7 I had mating threats, which he failed to stop. I played inaccurately with seconds left, but got the win.

Given my avoidance of playing anything rated a "mistake" in a standard "blunder check" analysis after the game (well, OK, move 32 was weak, missing the very strong 32...Qe3!, and I could have mated immediately with 37...Qh5#) in a 5 0 game, I have to suspect that I am finally starting to get better at chess.

Well okay, more likely the result was akin to a million monkeys typing for a millions years occasionally tossing off a Macbeth!