Bird Opening - 4/5..Bg4 Classical Variation

Bird Opening - 4/5..Bg4 Classical Variation

FM Drawyah
Jul 29, 2017, 1:39 PM |

Updated 2 September 2018 -

I will be covering the Classical variation with the next series of posts. The basic Classical response is: 1..d5 2..c5 3..Nc6 and 4..Nf6. Personally, I welcome seeing the Classical response since White gets a nice reversed Nimzo-Indian middlegame.

Black has the freedom to play many moves against the Bird Opening, and this Classical variation is no exception, which makes categorizing sub-variations difficult. Here I will present games with 4..Bg4 and 5..Bg4 which is popular against me. My recommendation is to play over all the lines included below, soak in the ideas, and then play on your own from there.

I will have six more posts on how to play against the Classical variation. Good Chess! Keith