From Gambit - 2..Nc6 3..g5 Variation

From Gambit - 2..Nc6 3..g5 Variation

FM Drawyah
Jul 1, 2017, 6:09 PM |

Updated 2 September 2018 -

With this post I complete my coverage of the From Gambit. Stockfish indicates 2..Nc6 is nothing special, I agree, despite it being suggested by various analysts as a viable alternative to 2..d6. The key to fighting against the 2..Nc6 variation is to develop quickly. Play over the following analysis, soak in the ideas, and you should not have any big issues against this line. 

As a general note: I will periodically update my analysis on this blog as my game results and experience demands. Next post I will share a PDF summary of all my From Gambit analysis.

Good Chess! Keith