From Gambit - 3..g5 Variation

From Gambit - 3..g5 Variation

FM Drawyah
Jun 25, 2017, 1:30 PM |

Updated 9 October 2017 - I played two more games with 9 d4! and shortly that move will become the main line. I would like a few more games before I make the change.

Updated 13 August 2017 - I have played several new games in this line, and I discovered 9 d4! should become the main line.


Previously I would have said this variation was uncommon, but this month I played three games against FM Darko Parezanin of Serbia. I think the Muzio Gambit approach is good and White has nothing to fear from 3..g5. However, I am not fully sure on White's best approach?! Stockfish likes 10 d4 giving White compensation due to his center control. I cannot dispute that assessment, but 10 Qh5+ trapping Black's king in the center looks natural to me. At one time I thought 10 Qc3 lead to an easy edge for White, but Stockfish points out that 10..Nd7! is a strong resource. Sad to see that old idea become questionable. If anyone sees a hole in my analysis please let me know.

Good Chess! Keith