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From Gambit - 3..Nc6 Variation

From Gambit - 3..Nc6 Variation

Jun 17, 2017, 4:31 PM 1
Updated 15 October 2017 - Added several game references.
Updated 13 August 2017 - Added game reference
The Tartakower variation analysis is finished, but three more variations need to be looked at for a complete solution to the From Gambit. Here we look at 3..Nc6, played after 1 f4 e5 2 fxe5 d6 3 Nf3. Black is hoping for 4 exd6 Bxd6 returning to traditional From Gambit Accepted lines. However, 3..Nc6 might be weak since 4 e4 dxe5 5 Bb5! with the threat to wreck Black's pawn structure looks good for White. And if given the chance, I think White should fulfil that threat.
I see 3..Nc6 fairly often, so review this line carefully.
Good Chess! Keith

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