From Gambit - 4..Bd6 Tartakower Variation

From Gambit - 4..Bd6 Tartakower Variation

FM Drawyah
May 20, 2017, 1:48 PM |

Updated 2 September 2018 -

Okay, one more post this week. I should have mentioned my handle is drawyah. It is from my real name!

To show I am actively playing the Bird Opening (and Dutch) again, I created the following analysis line, which was not part of my old analysis. I have seen 4..Bd6 several times recently. This analysis is raw, new theory to me! No doubt I will play some lemons moves developing the best approach, but over time I will refine ideas with my own games.

I should mention again that I am primarily playing 3-minute chess online. While the whole game quality can be off, the opening play is normally decent.

Next post will definitely be next week. Good Chess! Keith