From Gambit - 5..Nc6 Tartakower Variation

From Gambit - 5..Nc6 Tartakower Variation

FM Drawyah
May 28, 2017, 10:51 AM |

Updated 2 September 2018 -

Here is another installment on the Tartakower Variation, featuring the natural 4..Bc5 and 5..Nc6. The knight maneuver Na3-c4 is critical to proving some edge for White. I should add, try to avoid the temptation of playing b5 too quickly to win the e-pawn. It is better to develop, and consider winning the e-pawn later. The base game is by Henrik Danielsen, and it was this game that got me interested in the idea of playing 5 c3.

I will close with stating that the combination 5 Bc4 and 6 Nc3, or 5 Nc3 and 6 Bc4 is way more popular then 5 c3, but Stockfish (and other engines) has Black doing good against those classical developing move. Instead, Stockfish approves of 5 c3, showing that with a few accurate moves White can hope for a slight edge.

Good Chess! Keith