Past Dutch Defense Games

Past Dutch Defense Games

FM Drawyah
May 20, 2017, 12:52 PM |

First game I will show here is from the same tournament mentioned in the past Bird Opening post: 1990 Midwest Masters. This game was played in round 4 and I narrowly missed beating an IM John Donalson.

This next game has a story with it. GM Simon Agdestein was visiting the Twin Cities (Minneapolis - St. Paul), something to do with him being the youngest grandmaster in the world at that time. I cannot confirm that detail, but unplanned and on short notice, he offered to give a simultaneous at the Castle Chess. I got a phone call just hours before simultaneous started. Supposedly Simon wanted to face tough competition and okay with me being in the line-up. It was an entertaining battle.

This last game is a favorite of mine. I have left out my last move, which prompted immediate resignation. See if you can find it?

 Next post I will start sharing analysis, and/or comment on my own games. Good Chess! Keith