Games from my Second Tournament

Jan 17, 2016, 12:50 PM |
I played these games at the second chess tournament I've ever competed in.  The time control was game in 45 with a ten second delay.  I've decided to analyze the games as deeply as I can and publish my thoughts before I consult a computer.  Any and all feedback is appreciated. 

After this game I checked the player postings and noticed I had beaten the highest rated player in our section.  This made me a little overconfident going into my next games.  I started playing faster and got lazier in my calculation, and I dont think I played my best.  I decided I was out for blood in my next game and wanted to play an Evans Gambit, which is an opening I've been messing around with in my online blitz games.
I noticed that if I won my next game I would take first place in my section, which is what wound up happening.  Though I have to admit, I mostly won because of my opponent's blunders rather than my own skill.

I took first place in my section and got to choose from a bunch of chess books as a part of my prize.  I picked Daniel King's "Mastering the Spanish," so I may finally start playing the Ruy Lopez like an adult.  All in all I had fun at the tournament, my provisional rating went up to 1437, and I learned that one of the most important things at the u-1500 level is to try to blunder less than your opponent.