I should have lost

Dec 1, 2008, 2:39 PM |

I should have lost this game. The opponent was going to win in one move and had plenty of time. This person had a four hundred point advantage above me before the start of the game. This disappoints me that someone on this site would deliberately loose a game. I did not deserve the forty points I was awarded. I was about to lose and should have lost. I still make mistakes and this is why I am still a novice. I can not improve as a player if the people I play do not challenge my abilities.

In my spare time during the week I volunteer with an after-school organization and have taught some of the children there some of the basics of chess just to get them going and to help them gain interest in playing the game. Sportsmanship is one of the fundamentals of the game I try to instill in these young players. I know I am not a great chess player or even a really good one, but perhaps with training I can improve. This brings me back to my original point of the fact that I should have lost  the game in question. I was playing the black side and was about to loose. I do not know, I guess there is really no one online a person can trust. This is not serious stuff we are doing here. Chess is a game and nothing more. I am usually a serious type of person, but I do not take my participation on this site so seriously, and this is why I do not understand what motivation anyone could possibly have to cheat on this site. I believe a person who purposely looses is cheating not only the other player but also themselves.


Well that's enough of a rant for my first blog post. Perhaps next time I will be more upbeat.