Games From My 23rd Tournament (Northeast Open U2050)

Jun 25, 2014, 10:29 PM |
Hey Guys, 
Its been a while, and I have been A LOT so I have a backlog of about 25 games so theres going to be a lot of new games in the next few days.
I played the Northeast Open about 3 weeks ago. I drove up to Connecticut for this tournament with my friend Mu. It was an interesting tournament for me, although I lost rating points. I dont think I played that well, but at the same time it was not terrible. I beat two lower rated players, drew a lower rated player, and lost to two higher rated players (even though one game (possibly both) was semi-bs as we will see)
The way I played this next game I should have lost. Thankfully, my opponent was even worse.
In my last game I made an opening error and had to fight a bit for a draw against a lower rated player, who offered me a draw in a slightly inferior position which I accepted.
More tournaments on the way soon!