Feb 1, 2008, 9:03 AM |
Yet another win by resignation, and this time (sorry but i have to let them see) it was the last game between me an jtun23 (1feb 08) I saw a lot he could do, a lot i wished he did'nt do and some things i could do if he did the things i thought he would do - but he resigned.

Now, i have made some crazy-ass moves in my days, but still tried to end the game without just flipping my king. Im more of a fight until the end kinda guy, so i guess i can understand those who are not - but its like a boxer that just walks out of the ring. He might walk away from a knock down - but leaves a fighter behind with a whole lot of fight left in him.

Unsatisfying to say the least... So to quote my first blogpost "winning by not defeating" is not as motivating as a mate....