Winning by not defeating

Jan 27, 2008, 8:47 AM |
i've just gained a bunch of points in three wins in a short while - but not by playing great or even mating. The first game i won by resignation in a position i didnt see my self as superior, the second game i won by time and now the third game i won by an accidental resignation by a friend of mine. He is new to she site and misunderstood the timelimit and resigned cuz he had to log out and i didnt get the chance to educate him properly on the fact that i'd set the board to five days.

At present time im at 1414 in points - but i feel i cant represent that level of points just yet. Although my game has improved rather fast and substantially during the last month or so, i still got a lot to learn and i wanna play to win and learn - not play for points.

But the karma of it all probably corrects the problem by me playing like a nutta and loosing my points in a near future - so im not all that concerned ^^

Yours truly