A simple blog for a simple goal

Sep 6, 2015, 9:04 AM |

This blog is simple. So simple in fact that it probably wont have many posts in. It's only use will be to track my attempt to reach a 1500 online chess rating on this site.

Fact; I'm not a good chess player. I know how the pieces move and I can occasionally play an 'ok' game, but I make blunders...lot and LOTS of blunders.  For example; I know that I should keep an eye out for pins and forks, but I often forget and fall victim to them anyway. I'm also impatient and don't think through my moves as much as I should (even when playing with 3 days to move).

I've tried to improve in the past but gave up/lost interest. I'm hoping that this time will be different but, if I'm being honest, there's a very real possibility that I'll drift away again and this blog will be abandoned. Frown

My plan...

1. I’m going to play lot of games. I can't improve if I don't play, so I'm going to play...LOTS!

2. I'm going to do tactics. Lots and lots of tactics!

3. I’m going to slow down a bit and, hopefully, reduce the amount of blunders and stupid (ok, VERY stupid) mistakes that I make. I need to start thinking the positions through. I plan to tackle this with the simple method of paying more attention to what's happening in the game. I often fall into the trap of only looking at one part of the board or making the first move that I think of that 'looks good' at the time. Often, as soon as I've made a move, I'll think “Bugger! I shouldn't have done that! Oops!” Embarassed

4. I will NOT be studying openings/endings etc. yet. In the future I might start reading up on different aspects of chess but, for now at least, I have so many basic gaps in my game that, even if I owned every chess book ever written, I wouldn't have enough to plug the holes. I need to work on fixing the simple stuff first.


Onwards and upwards! Let the slow climb to 1500 begin! Cool