Cool Gear Supporting a Very Worthy Cause!

Cool Gear Supporting a Very Worthy Cause!

Jun 12, 2013, 8:54 AM |

Many of you know of Dan Heisman as the author of 10 chess books, well over 100 Novice Nook articles, and many blogs here on  Dan is also the host of the TV show, "Q&A with Coach Heisman" seen every other Friday at 5:00 pm, ET.

But do you know of Dan Heisman the philanthropist?  It's true.  Using his own "seed money" Dan has establised not one but two charitable funds, both of which are managed by the respected Philadelphia Foundation.

The first of these was the Holly Heisman Memorial Fund which he set up in 1995 in memory of his first wife who died of breast cancer in 1994.  


This is the older and larger fund, supporting battered women, breast cancer victims, and other worthy causes related to women's needs.  Thanks to the very generous support of Howard Stern and others, the Holly Heisman Fund has over $99,000 in endowment currently.  Here's how you can support it (from Dan's webpage)

 Donate On-line if you want to make a tax-deductible donation on-line to this fund. Where it says "I would like my gift to be directed to a..." click "Specific Fund" and then start typing in the box "Holly Heisman Memorial Fund" and it will find it.

 If you wish to send a check:

   Make checks payable to "The Philadelphia Foundation" with "Holly Heisman Memorial Fund" or "HEIS" in the memo field & mail to:
   The Philadelphia Foundation
   1234 Market Street, Suite 1800
   Philadelphia, PA 19107


In 2005 Dan started "The Dan Heisman Support Fund" 


... the purpose of which is to support youth chess in the greater Philadelphia area.  This is the 'junior' fund, currently with $17,700 in endowment.

Our group, The Dan Heisman Learning Center 'DHLC', actively supports this fund in a unique way, via our own online store for DHLC Tshirts, hats, and other custom logo gear.  Check it out!



Here's how it works -- The DHLC earns a small royalty on every item sold, but 100% of these royalties are automatically send directly to the Philadelphia Foundation as they are accrued.  ALL OF THE MONEY goes to the Dan Heisman Chess Support Fund.  We don't keep a penny.


So if you go to our store and get a Chess Tshirt with one of Dan's memorable sayings on it...


 ... or maybe this one...  You not only have words of wisdom on your chest, you also have the warm fuzzy feeling that your purchase is making a difference for young chess players and doing some real good.

Check out the store!

And be sure to join us at the DHLC !!  Just go here and click "Join".