Let Us be your Local Chess Club!!

Let Us be your Local Chess Club!!

Mar 19, 2014, 7:18 AM |

Here's an interesting conversation taken from the Group Notes of the Dan Heisman Learning Center this week --


  • View profileMy local chess club has just shut down....

    by a-monkey 18 hours ago


  • View profileOne of the reasons we started the DHLC is to create a virtual local club since so many of our members don't have access to one. I know it's not quite the same, but for me it has been a good substitute.

    by Eternal_Patzer


  • View profileThat's great also for people who travel a lot like me...

    by isaiahjhonson 17 hours ago


  • View profileSame here. I live 2 miles away from the largest chess club in New England, and one in which I played a role in growing... yet I can't hardly make it due to travel. The DHLC has been a huge value to me. I can play with vetted players, kibbitz in skittles (chat room), go over games with folks, play in teams, what is not to love? I still have a need to play weekend OTB a few times a year, but DHLC is there for the rest of the year!

    by hreedwork 16 hours ago

  • View profileWent every friday to a coffee shop... Only the guy who started the club showed up... very nice guy, but I think he had health problems... hasn't responded to emails.

    by a-monkey 15 hours ago

  • View profileYes, amazingly enough, nothing very close to where I am either. There is a place in Boca that meets on Fridays - and that MAY have been a possibility - but cripes, it's actually a lot further than i thought, at least a good 40 minutes away. And I HATE to drive on the highway at night.....

    by Dr_Cris_Angel 15 hours ago


  • View profile. The only chess clubs that survive have to well- financed such as the Marshall (trust Fund, owned fully paid for building housing the 2 floor chess club, The Manhattan which is now a business selling chess stuff and holding regular major tournaments. The actual active membership is almost of no help and clubs must depend on paid staff. Then there's the difficulty of locating an active group of players. I have free premises that houses 150 people comfortably in Palm Springs, CA and chess equip


  • View profile...and chess equipment and after one season with 22 active members with free membership, it just died. I just restarted the club with 4 beginning students but no experienced players. Chess clubs just die-the same happened with The Brooklyn Chess Club (started with Bill Goichberg in the 1970s), The West Nyack Chess Club and Police Dept. CC (Rockland County). Do not despair! DHLC is the answer + occasional OTB play.

    by CHESSUSA39 15 hours ago

  • View profile @CHESSUSA, not all clubs die without endowment, although for purposes of a site, either they need to be symbiotic with a town rec center (or senior center), or have someone buy them a place (rare). MetroWest CC in Natick MA is a weeknight club symbiotic with a senior center and survives on membership and entry fees alone. SouthWest FL CC is the same, and growing. Every club is different, and each has their own risks. And you're right many do not survive. But many do survive, and thrive.

    by hreedwork 12 hours ago

*** How about YOU ? ***
Do you have an active local chess club?  If so, you are one of the fortunate few!
However, many of us have found that the DHLC can be a very convenient and effective substitute for a local club. 
Here at the DHLC we have regular competition in the Live Chess Server at OTB time controls, much like your local club.  All our tournaments are organized and played via our sister group, the Slow Chess League, now with 1,300 members!
Like the best local clubs, we have a great Newsletter!
Like a very few of the best clubs, we have our own signature line of Chess T-shirts, coffee mugs, and gear-- ALL profits to charity!!
Why not join us and have a friendly, supportive local Chess Club you can call your own?  Just click below!!