TEAM Chess at the DHLC!

TEAM Chess at the DHLC!

Oct 22, 2014, 8:32 AM |

Yes, we have TEAM chess at the Dan Heisman Learning Center.  Why not join us and find out how much fun this can be?

Currently we are signing Qualified Members of our group up for Slow Swiss #19 -- Which features a time control of 90/30 (REALLY serious chess!) and BOTH individual and TEAM entries.

ALL members of the winning Team will win a Custom designed DHLC T-Shirt!

If you join the DHLC right away you can qualify in time for our December/January Team event, which is yet to be announced.  

In order to play in a DHLC Team event just Join the DHLC here:

Next, you'll get to play in our next Qualifier, which is a special 3 round Slow Swiss event JUST for New Members.

The Qualifier will also help you learn the ropes of our 'Slow Chess' system, so that you won't have a problem in the larger events.

Slow Chess is played on the Live Server Slow Time Controls like 45/45 and 90/30 so that the games feel like real OTB tournament games.  A GREAT learning Experience.

Come join the FUN!