Sokolsky/Polish Opening (1.b4) - Queen's Indian Variation

May 13, 2014, 10:20 AM |

>>Main article: Sokolsky/Polish Opening (1.b4). Basic Opening Theory.<<

In the Queens's Indian Variation Black plays 1... Nf6 with the following e6, b6 and fianchetto of the light-squared bishop. You won't meet this variation very often (unlike the King's Indian Variation where Black fianchettoes his dark-squared bishop). Nevertheless there is some theory about it which will help to find the right moves in the opening.

You will notice some symmetry in the Queen's Indian set-up. However White has more space to push his pawns on the queenside.

The possible continuation might be 10... Re8 11. d4 and White has more space on the queenside.

>>Main article: Sokolsky/Polish Opening (1.b4). Basic Opening Theory.<<

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