Christmas Facts

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Xmas Facts - Who was born on Christmas Day?

1642 - Sir Isaac Newton (mathematician)

1821 - Clara Barton (nurse: founder of American Red Cross)

1887 - Conrad Hilton (hotel magnate)

1899 - Humphrey Bogart (Academy Award-winning actor: The African Queen [1951]; The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca (Bogie's character never says "Play it again, Sam." He says: "You played it for her, you can play it for me. Play it!", while Ingrid Bergman says "Play it, Sam. Play 'As Time Goes By'".)


Xmas Facts - Who died on Christmas Day?


1921 - Hans Huber composer, dies at 69

1926 - Yoshihito 123rd Emperor of Japan (1912-26), dies at 47

1930 - Harvey Worthington Loomis composer, dies at 65

Christmas Facts

"Hot cockles" was a popular game at Christmas in medieval times. It was a game in which the other players took turns striking the blindfolded player, who had to guess the name of the person delivering each blow. "Hot cockles" was still a Christmas pastime until the Victorian era.

"White Christmas" (1954), starring Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye, was the first movie to be made in Vista Vision, a deep-focus process.

"The Nutcracker" is the name for the ballet performed around Christmas time each year. "The Nutcracker Suite" is the title of the music Tchaikovsky wrote.

"Wassail" comes from the Old Norse "ves heill"--to be of good health. This evolved into the tradition of visiting neighbors on Christmas Eve and drinking to their health.

A Christmas club, a savings account in which a person deposits a fixed amount of money regularly to be used at Christmas for shopping, came about around 1905.

A traditional Christmas dinner in early England was the head of a pig prepared with mustard.

According to a 1995 survey, 7 out of 10 British dogs get Christmas gifts from their doting owners.

According to historical accounts, the first Christmas in the Philippines was celebrated 200 years before Ferdinand Magellan discovered the country for the western world, likely between the years 1280 and 1320 AD.

According to the National Christmas Tree Association, Americans buy 37.1 million real Christmas trees each year; 25 percent of them are from the nation's 5,000 choose-and-cut farms.

After "A Christmas Carol," Charles Dickens wrote several other Christmas stories, one each year, but none was as successful as the original.