God's Pursuing Love

Jul 25, 2012, 2:47 PM |

This week's letter will be taken from a book called Lies Women Believe. It is written from the view of Eve after Abel was killed and Seth was born when Adam and Eve are getting older.


Dear diary,

One of our great-grandsons, Kenan, stopped by today with his wife and two of their daughters to bring us some fresh fruits and vegetables from their garden. Our family has been so good to us, especially now that we are older and experiencing more physical limitations.

My eyesight continues to deteriorate. Yet, in many ways, I believe I am just now beginning to see. The fact is, years ago, when my eyes were young and strong, I was so very blind. I didn't see how foolish I was to believe the Serpent. I didn't see the heartache that one wrong choice would bring into our lives. I didn't see the pain our children would reap. Although I know God holds Adam ultimately responsible for our first sin and the curse that resulted, I still feel the weight of yielding to the Serpent's lies.

All I could see at the time was something I wanted very badly---something I thought I needed. I got what I wanted, but I never could have imagined all that would come with it. That moment of indulgence brought such pain and regret.

Only now, after years of running and hiding hurting, can I see how much God loves us and how He has always had our best interests at heart. I see clearly now how right His ways are and why it is so important to listen to Him and to do things His way. I only wish I had not wasted so many years believing things that weren't true.

When I think back, it is amazing how merciful God has been to us. After that awful day, He could have written us off forever. But He has never stopped pursuing a relationship with us. After we lost our two sons, God gave us Seth--- and then four more sons and daughters. Seth, in particular, represents the restoration and joy God has brought to our lives.

God also promised that one day, there will be another Son. The Serpent will attack and wound Him, as he did us. Then the Son will strike back and deal a final, fatal blow to the Serpent.

It was I, as a woman, along with my husband, who brought this fallen condition on us all those years ago. I can never undo the damage I have done. But---what grace!---God has said that He will use a woman to bring this Son into the world. Through Him, all the effects of my sin will be reversed. Even though I resisted God's will, He has not rejected me; He has made provision for my forgiveness. And He still has a plan to use my life and make me fruitful. He truly is a redeeming God.

I don't know when or how all His promises will be fulfilled. But I do know that I believe His Word. Whatever days I have left on this earth I want to spend walking in Truth, obeying Him, and influencing those I love to do the same. Believing a lie once brought ruin to my life family.

But now, by the power of His Truth, I have been set free!”


Wasn't that great! There were some good points she made and some good reminders for us.


Have a blessed week and always walk in the way of the LORD.

John 16:33

These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”