Chess the Cruel Mistress

Chess the Cruel Mistress


About a week ago I sent out a text to my son-in-law, who also plays chess, that I had achieved a 98.8 accuracy in a live game of chess. I had arrived. My knowledge of the game had risen to such a level that I innately understood where pieces should be played. Yes, there was calculation, and careful analysis, there were times where I needed to pause and make sure I was not doing something completely inane, but the hard days of chess were behind me. From here on out it was rapid ratings improvement. From here on out chess would now be easy like playing FIFA. From here on out my theme song would be Bruce Springsteen's Glory Days. know where this is headed.  The title says it all. Chess is a cruel Mistress. I would like to present as exhibit A the following game 

The analysis of this game is that I scored a 21% accuracy. 21%! I could have done better by picking moves at random. Is this the same game? What happened to my natural intuition. How is it that I can get my puzzle score to 2000 (at my max) and yet I score a 21%.

All right, well let's live and learn. First Learning Point.

Black plays 5. Bg5, nothing wrong here, and I respond pushing my h pawn. h6. Again this is reasonable. 6. Bh4  g5.  Very standard play.  7. Bg3 (forced) and then I respond with my first error ...Nh5 rather than  rather than Ne4. I know you keep the knights in the center of the board, but I did not properly view all my options. White now has +1 advantage.  

Then :  8. e4  Nxg3 9. hxg3  d6 10. Qd2 ...

and here I have to decide what to play. There are two choices that are reasonable. I didn't find either of them. I I played ... Bxc3. I should have played g4 attacking the knight (always good to make a move that gives an attack) and making sure his doubled pawns remain doubled.  (The other playable move would be Qf6.)

But my biggest mistake was here. 

He has just played Nxg5 knowing that I could not retake with my pawn.  So what should I play. My king is still sitting in the middle of the field and looking more and more exposed.  And he has a check on my king anytime he wants. But instead of trying to fix those flaws I played Rg8 attacking his knight and my position was lost. 

Personally I find these absolutely wide open positions with multiple pieces on the board the most difficult. There are so many variables, so many possibilities, it can become mind numbing, especially when you are having to scramble on defense. 

Well you can look at the rest of the game up above. While I keep studying and trying to improve. There is only one way to get good at chess.  

Be born a genius.