Spassky - Penrose, Palma, 1969.

Spassky - Penrose, Palma, 1969.

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One of the prettiest games Spassky ever played. (It did not win the brilliancy prize, but did share a "best-played game" prize.) It is also carefully annotated in the book: "The Best Chess Games of Boris Spassky," by Andrew Soltis. 

Several books on tactics mention this game as an illustration of a sacrifice to break open a blocked position. 

Without question, it IS a beautiful game! There is a link to a replay page, a link to a "You-Tube" video and you can also cave/print-out my annotations of this game. (The web page also has five diagrams.) And you can save a copy of my analysis to your computer ... all for free!!! 

You can replay this game (first) and then see the annotations by following the link at the top of the blog. (This is the method that many Russian masters have used. I.e., they first have a student review a game, usually 2-3 times, then they eithr have the student look at a book or they study the game together.) I gave/assigned the players ratings that would most like correspond to the FIDE rating list of 2014. (Spassky was the World Champion and Penrose had to be in the "Top 100" when this game was played.) 

PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS WEB PAGE, I THINK THAT YOU MAY LIKE IT IF YOU HAVE A LOOK!!! (A close study of this game can only improve your chess!)