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1st Ever League Game - A Miniature London
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1st Ever League Game - A Miniature London

Oct 2, 2017, 3:06 PM 1

I was undeniably excited for my first league game. I hadn`t yet had a taste of `real chess`, where the waves of energy seep from the players mind into the wooden (well plastic) pieces, and bring them to life. This is what I felt as I made a winning tactical breakthrough towards the end of the game.

I got my bottle of orange juice at the side of the board, like Magnus himself is often seen with, and after shaking my opponent`s hand, my clock was started.


What I have to say about the game in general, is that in chess you don`t have enough moves to waste. Every move must have a deep purpose (not superficial), and must be aiming for progress. What I noticed was that my opponent played Qd6, but after c3, this last move looked ridiculous, and the queen may even have been better on its starting square. A couple of moves later, came the perculiar knight manoeuver Ne7, which I refuted by forcing them to retreat, this gave me another two moves to muster up my knights into the attack (one of which he exchanged off, but I had too much momentum by this point).

Another typical mistake that higher rated players seldom fall for is capturing on g3. This opened up my rook, and allowed for the tactical sequence involving the threat of me capturing their undefended rook. By pushing through g4 and g5, I restricted my opponent`s counterplay, and forced his knight to a ridiculous square.

I hope you can take something away from this article, if nothing else, then just remember that every move must have a deep purpose, and that you don`t have enough moves to waste in a game of chess. I was glad to share this miniature with you, and whenever I play for the B team again, I will write a similar article, thanks for reading this, and giving me an audience, bye for now.


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