2 Part Beginner`s Chess Course - Improve Your Chess

2 Part Beginner`s Chess Course - Improve Your Chess


Hello everyone! 

This post is mainly aimed at beginners at chess, or reasonably low rated chess players, because I have just completed a 2-part chess course that is designed to lift the chess beginner off the bottom rank of the chess ladder, and to help them discover all of the fundamentals in chess, that you have to know to have a solid foundation in chess.

The first part of this course covers all of the rules, how the game is won and drawn, and some basic checkmates and endgames, while the second part deals with methods of chess study, how to analyse games, how to learn from great players, and tactics.

Here are the 2 parts of the course:

Part 1

  1. Getting Started
  2. Extra Rules to Be Aware of
  3. Different Ways to Draw
  4. Notation
  5. Basic Checkmate Patterns
  6. Essential Endgames I
  7. Essential Endgames II
  8. Chess Glossary
  9. Summary Quiz

Part 2

1. Fundamental concepts

2. Learn from Morphy how to attack

3. Checkmate Combinations

4. Learn from Morphy #2

5. Evaluating Positions

6. Game Analysis

7. Learn From Morphy #3

8. The Pin

9. A Study Plan