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A win from nothing - The London System (copycat variation)

A win from nothing - The London System (copycat variation)

Aug 22, 2017, 4:22 AM 1

I was down my local chess club a week last monday, and (as I sometimes do) I took down a score of the moves, and should it turn out to be an interesting game, I would be able to share it with you guys, and I would also be able to analyse the game.

Even at niveau GM, occasionally someone will play an illegal move; there have been some games where one of the players might move their rook, and then return it to its original square, then 17 moves later they may castle, using that rook, and because of the time lapse no one notices...however in my game my opponent makes an illegal move that is much less subtle than that, which I miss blindly, but I win nevertheless, because I employ a cunning plan. In brief, I offer my Gary pawn for his king to take, and he accepts this, when I have three active pieces near his king and a satisfying middle of the board forced-mate a couple of moves thereafter....here is my analysis below:

My game is displayed in two parts, because this tool will not actually allow you to show illegal moves.
I was pleased with that 'win from nothing', that will teach my opposition to play boring lines against me...I will beat them. Although I am familiar with many of the thematic moves in this opening, and I have proven that even in very drawish positions, you can set traps, and muster up the last of your remaining soldiers to checkmate your opponent. I was however, not so fortunate last night, as I lost to the same opponent in another boring opening - the dreaded exchange French.....coming to cinemas near you soon!


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