Classical Dutch Strategy 2 - A Lone Pawn on f4

Classical Dutch Strategy 2 - A Lone Pawn on f4


Welcome to the second edition of this series on the classical Dutch!

In this one, we will look at a different pawn structure that can arise from this opening. Again black manages to play … f4! securing decent attacking chances on the kingside, however this time the f-pawn is not supported by … e5, since white has played e4 and e5. This makes the f-pawn less stable, but if white ever threatens to capture it, then fxg3 will occur. The main advantage white has got is that the blocked centre deprives black's light squared bishop of natural development.

Simon Williams (2468) has used the Classical Dutch as his primary defence to queen's pawn openings for most of his life, and consequently has created many attacking masterpieces. He has written an openings book called 'the killer Dutch', which I have myself, and would recommend for those who want to learn the Classical Dutch.

Pawn Structure

Critical Moments from the Game



The Game

Stay tuned for the next article in this series, bye!

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