Game of a then 'soon to be Grandmaster'

Game of a then 'soon to be Grandmaster'


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In this post, I look at a game played by GM Simon Williams before he had his Grandmaster title. From this game, we can see the strategies implemented by a top player, and hopefully you can learn something from them. It is also a paradigm of converting one type of advantage, i.e. positional advantage, into a tactical advantage. 

'To play with freedom (turn one advantage into another), that is the watchword.' A. Nimzowitsch (p.4 Chess Praxis)


This post is in two parts, the first is some instructive analysis, and the second... well, I will leave that as a surprise. surprise.png

D.Dumitrache - S.Williams, Montpellier 2003 - A Dynamic Dutch Defence

1. Analysis


 2. Stop Motion Video


I hope you enjoyed this post, at least if nothing else it is original. That video was made by me; how about this...guess in the comments below how many frames are in that movie. 

On a chess note, it is interesting to see how Simon Williams can actually play pretty decent positional chess, even though he is renowned for being a tactician. The knight on e3 absolutely destroyed white`s position. Also note that the light squared bishops were exchanged before the attack really begun. It is important to remove this defender of the king to make your attack stronger in the classical variations of the Dutch. Another thing I like was the a5-a4! manoeuvre, which is a nice one to remember. The only time you should not do it is if you lose the a-pawn and have no comp for it. That is all from me for now, bye bye!