How a GM Beats a Lower Rated Player - Zaki Harari v. Simon Williams - IOM Masters R1

How a GM Beats a Lower Rated Player - Zaki Harari v. Simon Williams - IOM Masters R1


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Yesterday saw the kick off for one of the strongest tournaments in the world - The Isle of Man International. 20 Super Grandmasters (2700+) are present, so winning this event will be some feat. From England, Adams, Howell, Short, Jones, Gormally and Williams are competing to bring the trophy home. 

In round 1, Simon was drawn against a relatively low rated player, and won by simple means. The opening lead to a very dynamic position with opposite side castling, but black dealt the first blow with g5! After the pawn storm that followed, white`s position became hard to defend, and any counterplay that white tried to get was restricted.


GM Simon Williams deep in thought...

The Opening

Simon Williams has played the French defence for almost as long as he has been playing chess, so he is rarely caught out at an early stage. This game was no exception. After 10...0-0-0 we are in for an interesting game, with pawn storms on opposite sides of the board.

The Game

In the middlegame, white had to play precisely, otherwise the position would collapse. On the other hand, black just had to play intuitive moves, such as putting rooks behind the g and h pawns. White`s light squared bishop was also tied down to d3, blockading the d4 pawn, otherwise black will play d3 unleashing the c5 bishop at the right moment, with a tempo on the queen.

It will be interesting to see how Simon gets on in his second round, which is happening right now.  He is up against GM Daniel Fridman (2600) and the computer evaluation is currently +0.5 after 14 moves. You can watch this on live chess, by clicking on the binoculars icon. Also, there is live commentary on