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How To Improve As A Beginner#6 - Game Analysis

How To Improve As A Beginner#6 - Game Analysis

Jan 3, 2018, 9:54 AM 1
Hello, and welcome to the sixth installment in my beginner series. I have taken a game of a beginner, and have broken it down into the different parts of the game, and explained the mistakes and improvements of them.
This is commonly known as game analysis, and to improve at any level, not just beginner level, you must review your losses (particularly) and try to ensure that you don`t fall for the same mistake twice, although in reality it will often take multiple examples of a pattern, for you to recognise a pattern straight away and find the best plans. Here is the game:
The most common type of blunder that featured in the above game was due to tactical motifs. It has become apparent, that without mastering simple tactics, one can not progress. This leads on to my next post which is going to be about tactics...thanks for reading, and remember to analyse your games.


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