How To Improve As A Beginner#4 - Learn from Morphy #2

How To Improve As A Beginner#4 - Learn from Morphy #2


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Because I haven`t been able to encapsulate all the amazing ideas of Paul Morphy in 1 post, I have decided to form a sub-series within my beginner series, aimed at extracting attacking ideas of Paul Morphy that you can use in your own games.

As with many Morphy games, what you begin to notice, is that Morphy doesn`t lose the initiative, because this would give his opponent time to regroup and prepare a defence. Attacking chess is based on catching your opponent off balance, and sacrificing where it is necessary, to not lose a single tempo! Tactical motifs are the essence of every Morphy middlegame position, and these tactical possibilities don`t just randomly arise and dissappear. The chessplayer controls the tactics available. After all, it is you who decides whether to open up a file, whether to blast open the centre with a pawn break, to sacrifice a wing pawn to gain a strong centre, and so on...

I now move on to show you an interesting Morphy Evans Gambit (accepted), where Morphy, in his usual fashion, sent his pieces gliding into his opponent`s position:


 Attacking Plan #1 - In the Evans gambit, play e5!



I hope you have learned from this article, and find it useful, if not at least interesting, before I finish, I will just include a couple of puzzles for you to have a go at solving...

Puzzle #1


Puzzle #2


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