League Game #8 - My first ever OTB draw
The position after 15 moves...

League Game #8 - My first ever OTB draw


Hello everyone! 

I know it has been a long time - about a month - since I published my last post, which is unusual for me. I have finished my work on 'How to Improve as a Beginner' series, which is a two part course that goes from the very basics, including rules, up to various tactics, and I concluded that series with the post 'A Study Plan' which includes advice on areas to work on to up your game. I am occasionally adding to my 'Generating an Attack' series as and when I have a moment of inspiration, although I can neither predict what the next post will be about, nor when it will be released. At the moment, my blogging plan is to write about my league games, with analysis and ideas for you to takeaway. Without further ado, let`s get started...

Before the game, I had just suffered 2 consecutive losses, and felt like the team`s burden. Neither loss had been a particularly close game, and I was determined not to lose this game. On all boards save one we were outrated; the gap was particularly noticeable on the top board, where our 150 player was battling against a 207! In case you don`t know, 150 ECF is around 1825 FIDE, and 207 ECF is roughly equivalent to 2250 FIDE.

By this point, we had 2 draws, a win and a loss, it was all on the top board. There was a pure pawn endgame where our player had a strong passed d-pawn on the 5th rank accompanied by the king nearby. Black (our team) had pawns on the h,g and f files, and white just on the h and g, but none of these pawns were that advanced. White had 2 strong pawns on the a and b files, and black only had 1 pawn to stop them on a6. A push from white with b5 would guarantee a passed pawn. White played b5, and the black king had to run after him to catch him. This decoy gave the white king time to march in and nab black`s d-pawn. Black played f5, and forced white to exchange. After the exchanges, white was left with just a rook`s pawn, and the black king marched into position to declare a draw. 
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