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More on the London system

More on the London system

Aug 12, 2017, 8:02 AM 0

This article is not for those of you who want a light read, as I will include some excessive detail about one of my recent games...In the past few weeks, I have developed my own way of fighting against a kingside fianchettoe in the London system. I know that the push h4-h5 is nothing new; with ideas of causing disarray(and to make it harder for black`s king to find safety), however I have noticed many equal opponents crumble in the lines I will recommend. For example I played against someone from my local chess club called Romilly, and he blundered his rook in the endgame, presumably because he was thrown by my style of play, which is arguably unorthodox (and was trying to exploit my lack of time on the clock - by moving fast!).

Here is the first game I will share with you:


Thanks for reading this post...A very closely related article can be found blogs.pnghere, where white also sacrifices his rook. Clearly a dangerous way to play.


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